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Meet Dr. Cindy Guillett

A Terrible Fall Led Me To Chiropractic

San Jose Chiropractor Dr. Cindy Guillett and her family

Dr. Cindy Guillett and her family

I go by “Dr. Cindy,” and I started college as an accounting major. In my freshman year – Mid year, I fell down some stairs hurting my back badly. My roommate took me to a woman chiropractor and I had a wonderful experience that changed my life’s direction. I got well quickly and wrote a paper on chiropractic for a college class that helped me decide, “I can do this! I can help people.” So after finishing all of my prerequisites at Graceland College and SJSU, I left for Palmer Chiropractic College in Iowa. It was a long, cold process for years, but I met Gary Beytin there, and we were married right before graduation in 1981.

It has been a rewarding 38 years of practice. From newborns on their way home from the hospital to precious Gramma’s just hoping for some comfort. It’s a humbling profession because every person is different and the more people you see, the less it seems like you know. So every day, I come to work, doing the best I humanly can to restore whatever relief and health is possible for each person I touch. I love working with my husband because we have such different strengths that really compliment each other. We admire and respect each others abilities and knowledge. And, we have great staff.

A Chiropractic Lifestyle

Outside of work, we have raised 2 daughters. One works as a cosmetologist in Colorado. The other teaches college in Georgia. Both girls graduated from Leland high school because we lived in Almaden, but now reside in Evergreen. I have 2 dogs that are also my children. I like to scrapbook, love to shop, have dinner regularly with women friends, enjoy church where I am a volunteer minister, and I relax with TV and magazines. I actually grew up in this area and went to Camden high school.

Enough about me! How can we help you? We welcome you to experience safe and natural chiropractic care with us.

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